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Get Involved With YNPN-NJ

There are a number of ways that you can get involved with YNPN-NJ, from following us on social media and sharing information with your networks, to volunteering to join one of YNPN-NJ's committees, or applying to join the YNPN-NJ Board of Directors.  Select any of the options listed below to learn more about various opportunities to become involved in our work to strengthen the nonprofit sector in New Jersey and provide valuable resources to support young nonprofit professionals and volunteers:

Follow YNPN-NJ on Social Media  |  Volunteer to Join a YNPN-NJ Committee  |  Apply for the YNPN-NJ Board

Develop a Partnership with YNPN-NJ  |  Become a YNPN-NJ Member  |  Speak or Present at a YNPN-NJ Event

Follow YNPN-NJ on Social Media

As a statewide chapter, YNPN-NJ relies on the efforts of our members, our board, our volunteers, and the New Jersey nonprofit community at large, to share information about upcoming events and activities. If you love all things nonprofit, and are an avid social media user, consider following YNPN-NJ on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram --- to learn more about what we are up to, register for upcoming events, and share updates with your networks! 


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Volunteer to Join a YNPN-NJ Committee

YNPN-NJ relies on the efforts of our board of directors and volunteers (like YOU!) to ensure the chapter is creating meaningful, accessible, and sustainable opportunities for the young professional community in New Jersey, to engage and connect! Committee participation is a great opportunity to gain leadership experience, learn more about the YNPN-NJ, and prepare individuals who are considering applying to join the board of directors. 

More information about committees below, including regular meeting times. If you are interested in working with one of YNPN-NJ's committee, submit a Volunteer Form HERE.

  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee - Meets the 1st Tuesday of every month @ 7:30PM, via conference call
  • South Jersey Committee - Meets the 4th Sunday of every month @ 6:00PM, via conference call
  • Events/Social Media Committee - 
  • Membership Committee - 
  • Governance Committee - 


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Apply for the YNPN-NJ Board

YNPN-NJ is led by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of young professionals working within the nonprofit sector, individuals who are dedicated to the sector through philanthropy, and/or individuals who are active volunteers in their communities. 

In the fall, YNPN-NJ opens up the application process for young professionals who would like to be considered for a 2-year director position on the board. Interested applicants are asked to complete an application, submit references, and go through an interview with current board members. 

Stay tuned for more information about the application process this Fall!

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Develop a Partnership with YNPN-NJ

Interested in partnering with YNPN-NJ or co-hosting an event? Contact us at


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Become a YNPN-NJ Member

By becoming a YNPN-NJ, young professionals get access to free and low-cost events, hosted by YNPN-NJ, including social, networking, and professional development events. More information can be found HERE.


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Speak or Present at a YNPN-NJ Event

YNPN-NJ regularly hosts events and invites guest speakers to come in to speak about a particular issue or aspect of the nonprofit sector, from seasoned executive directors, to fundraising masters and empowering leaders. If you are interested, or know of someone who may be interested, in a speaking opportunity at a YNPN-NJ hosted event, please contact us at 


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